Contemporary stained glass is a major part of the work of the studio but we also produce innovative pieces in glass, steel and other materials lit by ‘designed lighting’. This is an excellent way of creating an ambience for an office, atrium or entrance area. It needs wall space rather than window space and can also usefully add to any area requiring light and atmosphere. Size and shape is no object.

Hanging glass panels from cables is also a specialism and is a suitable solution for many architectural or ecclesiastical situations and provides an impressive and contemporary feel to a public space.

Combining steel and glass in free forms is another, more sculptural, approach to atrium, stair well, office or any architectural setting in either two or three dimensions.

Necessary Attributes

From the initial concept to the final unveiling - passing through budgeting, designing, presenting, negotiating, collaborating and making - these are some of the skills employed by the Studio in producing a piece of architectural, corporate or ecclesiastical art.