The Studio takes an innovative approach to architectural challenges, looking to blend the aspirations of the client with the ambience of the setting to create something original and unexpected.

So Long As The World Shall Endure... Bond’s Hospital, Coventry, is the setting for this ever changing, many-layered, modern expression in glass and steel, as seen in the pictures above and below. Based on the ammonite, the piece represents the growing, changing and enduring nature of the commissioning alms house, over the long years of its history.

The piece stands one metre from the wall in a wooden frame. It is internally lit with two banks of lights located along the inside-bottom of the frame and directed at the wall behind. It uses reflected light, which continuously changes in colour and intensity to create a lively, but calm ambience in the reception area of the alms house. For a small experience of this go to the Links page.

The building is entered through two sets of double doors which slide apart. Engraved on the glass of these doors are ammonite-like squares hinting at what is to come.