Glass used in any commission comes from a wide variety of sources of which a few are described:

English Antique Glass

This is glass that is hand-made in the tradition of this country and comes from the last manufacturer in England. It is of an excellent quality and there is an endless variety - bespoke being one of their specialities. The glass has plenty of movement and life, often with a variety of seed (bubbles) and striations (lines) and is variable in thickness. The glass can be made in more than one colour per sheet or be taken straight from the furnace pot - one colour all the way through. Some is made with a thin layer of colour called a ‘flash’ with clear glass beneath in order to allow for techniques such as acid etching.

Polish Hand-made Glass

This glass is usually bright, lively, more uniform in colour but full of seed and striations (bubbles and lines) which give the effect of movement and life.

Machine-made Glass

Glass of this kind is made by many different manufacturers and comes in a great variety of colours and textures which are generally uniform in appearance. These types of glass are often used to add sparkle to a window.